It's important you remember to setup 'Roles & Privileges' before you apply any roles to employees. If you haven't already done so, we strongly recommend you check and set your roles and privileges first. 

It is also recommended that the configuration tasks below have been completed.

1. Settings

  • Company details
  • System Colour's and Logo
  • System Settings
  • Employee Defaults
  • Employee Validation Fields
  • Bradford Factor Settings

2. Core

  • Locations, Branches, Groups, Job Titles, Religions
  • Email Domains
  • Set Working Hours
  • Notice Periods
  • Blood Groups
  • Job Agencies

Core Menu Module

HR Core Settings

3. Dashboard

Employee Roles - Step 1

  1. Select the Module 'Security' at the top of the screen
  2. Select the item 'Employee Roles' from the left menu
  3. The next step is to find the user/employee that you want to apply the role(s) to. Use the search feature or find the person in the list.
  4. Select the employee by clicking the 'Link' icon.

 5. Informs you how many roles each employee currently have associated with them.

Applying the Role(s) - Step 2

6. The illustration to the right shows the employee select field. The name shown was selected from the previous list screen (above).

7. 'Roles Un-selected'

Select the role or roles you want to apply to the employee by

simply clicking on a role(s) within the list to the left.

Tip! Use CTRL or the Shift function to select multiple roles.

8. To apply the selected high-lit role(s) for the chosen employee, click on the single right arrow. The transfer will appear in the 'Selected' area to the right.

9. All active roles should now appear in the window 'Employee Selected'.

10. When finished click 'Submit' to apply your changes.

Note:  You can choose to stay on this page and select a different employee from the select field, or press the back button to return to the list.

Tip! You can transfer roles, left to right using the appropriate arrows. Double arrows remove all selections from the window, using the double left or double right arrows.

If you make a mistake don't press submit, press the 'Back' button.


PLEASE NOTE!  Role(s) applied to employees will take immediate effect.

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